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diagram of Goddard Space Flight Center - Mechnical Systems Division Technology orginaztion

Several organizations at GSFC are involved with new technology development: The technology offices that reside within the AETD organization are:

  1. Goddard Technology Management Office which coordinates all of the technology programs across the various Directorates. It maintains a Technology webpage within the core competencies of Center.
  2. The Technology Commercialization Office provides a link to the industrial community for commercializing NASA developed technologies. In this role they are responsible for transferring these technologies, to qualified companies, through regional distribution centers around the country

Chief Technologists

Each of science and engineering Directorates, namely Space Science and Earth Science, and the Applied Engineering and Technology Directorate (AETD) have Chief Technologists, whose job it is to coordinate the technology needs for their respective Directorates. They are the focal point for managing new technology initiatives as well.

Assistant Chief for Technology

An Assistant Chief for Technology (ACT) resides within each of the centers of the AETD. Their responsibility is to set the technology goals for their center, coordinate responses to technology calls, assemble budgets, review proposals and respond to management on issues relating to technology. There is an ACT within the MSD organization.

Science Theme Technologists

The responsibility of the Science Theme Technologists is to gather technology requirements for the science themes established by NASA, such as the Sun Earth Connection (SEC) and the Structure and Evolution of the Universe (SEU). In this role they coordinate with the scientific community to insure that the technology requirements for future missions are being met. These requirements are the submitted to the respective technologists, within the various organizations at GSFC, for implementation.

Office of the Director

The Director's Discretionary Fund (DDF), is administered as part the Office of University Affairs . The funds dispensed by this program, support new and innovative ideas in technology, to prove their feasibility for future development.

Additional Technology related entities that reside at Goddard are:

  1. The Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) acts as a Level 2 of the Earth Science Enterprise (ESE). In this capacity, they derive plans for technology development to meet the needs of future earth science missions. ESTO is located in the Technology Management Office of the Projects Directorate
  2. The Aerospace Technology Office maintains the NASA Technology Inventory, a repository of all technology developments within the agency. The NASA Institutes for Advanced Concepts (NIAC)is also coordinated within this office. In addition, the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Space Technology Transfer Research (STTR) programs reside in this office.

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