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Environmental Test Engineering and Integration
Code 549
Environmental Project
Structural Dynamics
EMC / EMI Testing
EMC / EMI Facilities
Space Simulation
LRO HGAS in Fac. 238

We specialize in the relatively narrow fields of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Magnetics testing. We perform related services such as the development of design fixes for excessive electrical noise generation and/or equipment susceptibility; magnetic field normalization and hardware deperming, and magnetometer calibrations. In addition to performing a variety of field tests in these closely related disciplines, we maintain two state-of-the-art EMC testing facilities and a near-world-unique 13-m diameter Helmholtz coil facility for the performance of magnetic dipole moment and other magnetic-field-oriented tests in an environment unaffected by the earth's ever-varying magnetic field.

Our Large (10 x 12 x 6-m) EMC facility offers not only user-specified Class 10K or Class100K particle-limited contamination environments, but also anechoic performance based on microwave reflections and other possible ambient RF environment concerns. Please click on the navigation bar for details on various aspects of our engineering and testing capabilities. We welcome the opportunity to support your testing needs, either through the combined capabilities of our civil servant/contractor staff, or as contractor supported privatization tests.

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