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Environmental Test Engineering and Integration
Code 549
Environmental Project
Structural Dynamics
Space Simulation

The Environmental Project Engineering Section (EPE) of the Environmental Test Engineering and Integration Branch (ETE&I), Code 549.

Our team is composed of electrical, mechanical and environmental test engineers who provide a technical interface between flight projects and the ETE&I test facilities.

Please contact the EPE if you anticipate the need for spacecraft, system or subsystem integration or testing facilities at GSFC.


We support in-house and out-of-house GSFC projects by providing an interface between the project and the ETE&I Facilities.

We provide environmental test engineering support for your project from concept to launch.


• We assign an Environmental Project Engineer to each project as a member of the project team, who provides the interface between the project and the ETE&I facilities.

• We work with you to identify the test requirements, the required test facilities and to coordinate contacts with ETE&I test engineers.

• We work with ETE&I test managers to develop cost estimates for your overall test program.

• We review safety evaluation plans and provide them to the appropriate ETE&I test manager for test approval and planning.

• We create Work Directives (WDs) for your approval which provide the funding for performing the I&T tasks.

• We coordinate your schedule with the overall ETE&I schedules to help in test facility planning and identify schedule conflicts between projects.

• We monitor test progress and I&T costs.

• We serve on Source Evaluation Boards/Tech Panels.

• We develop and review statements of work for RFPs.


• We can assist in your proposal effort, by providing environmental test and integration inputs tailored to your project requirements.

• We can assist in developing an Environments Specification for the different phases of your mission.

• We can provide Environmental Test Project Management for your project by:
- Helping you plan your activities at Goddard, including tests, test schedules, facilities, identifying unique data requirements, power requirements, potential safety hazards.
- Providing a single point-of-contact for environmental test and integration activities.
- Creating Work Directives (WDs) to provide approved funding for the facility activities.
- Monitoring project expenditure in the I&T facilities and provide you with timely reports. We can monitor progress of the I&T activities for you and help resolve conflicts with other potential users.

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