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Environmental Test Engineering and Integration
Code 549
Environmental Project
Structural Dynamics
Space Simulation

Environmental Test Engineering and Integration


Code 549 Document Repository
General Environmental Verification Specification (GEVS) Rev. A
549 Contamination Control
NASA Safety and Hazard Reporting
Safety First
Environmental Test & Integration Facilities Handbook (GSFC access only)
Mechanical Systems Center Safety Manual (GSFC access only)
Building Evacuation Plan (B7/10/15/29) (GSFC access only)
Test & Integration Management Information System (TIMIS) (GSFC access only)

Procedures and Guidelines

Hazard Awareness Training (Training is available on SATERN for on-site employees)
Spaceflight Handling Requirements (GSFC access only)
Analysis Procedure for Spreader Bar Lift Stability (GSFC access only)

*Note: Cleanrooom Certification Training (GSFC-004-06) is offered through SATERN


Credit Card Form
Storm Code Waiver
Event Form
Safety Evaluation Form


Code 549 Computer Help Desk: x6-8133, webpage (GSFC access only)

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